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Old News and Updates

8-23-2000 12:40AM... Dave is Tired
This is Dave here. It is really late at night and it has come to my attention that this site has potential and maybe I should update it more often. Hmmmm. Nope. I'm too lazy. Well as you can see, the GoldenEye Tournament is going to be delayed to August 2001 because I just seemed to be a little too lazy. If you were planning on driving all the way up here to play me and the other champs, we can still have a private tournament. Just email me. Well I have some information that I have been itching to expose and I will expose it as soon as possible.
6-25-00 - Lazy But Not Dead...
So it's been over half a year since I found the time, or should I say effort to work on my site. I am currently working on sites for games such as Unreal Tournament, Age of Empires I & II, StarCraft, and in a few days, Diablo II. Now if you are thinking about making a copy off of your friends Diablo 2 game for yourself, you a pretty much out of luck. I am currently working on sucessfully burning UT and AOE II, both multi-track "unburnable" games. There is only a few CD-R burners and software able to burn a multi-track disc using an image file, with a 90% chance of failure. I wasted 5 CD-Rs just in a testing phase. Diablo II will have the best anti-burning software ever made. Even if you do sucessfully copy it, "yeah right", will detect it and not let you play. Your best bet is to buy the game, before you waste the money you could have bought it with buying failed CD-Rs in your futile attempt to burn an unburnable game. I find myself to lazy to type another word!
1-21-00 - Finally an Update!!!
I know it has been a while since the last update. I just want to fill you in on what is going on. First of all, I have started a new music and TV site at, check it out, it is still under major construction though. Next, I have been working on the guild. It should be up and running soon. As for my new Starsiege squad The Lost Souls, it is up and running, I plan on moving it into games such as Quake III and Unreal Tournament. Also I am known as "dr.susan" and or "khronos" on if you are into blizzard games. I will soon post codes for many games. Just hang with me for a little while longer until I get all the sites updated and up and running. If you want something to do for a while, click here.
11-4-99 - The Independent Gamer's Guild
Lately here in the dark hallways of the VGP castle, I have been brewing up something special for you guys. Alright here we go, I am starting a club, it will contain chat, messageboards, presonlized pages, and more cool stuff for the members. There will be special game tournaments held between the club members and even a rank list of the club, to see who is the greatest of all the members. I will post a link to the Guild Page, when in is completed. Secondly, I am currently working on a RPG section. It will hopefully be one of the best on the web. If I am as good of a gamer as I think I am, it will be up in no time containing faqs, guides, and more cool stuff for many of the greatest RPGs ever! Meanwhile, I composed a poem for you happy gamers, read my pitiful work:
VGPlanet is the place to be for POWER, and Sonic the Hedgehogger central!
Dumb, isn't it, well it was supposed to make you laugh and mock me for the time being.
10-30-99 • A Page of Pages
Video Game Planet is not a huge archive of codes and faqs, nor is it game specific. VGP is halfway in between those. Instead of just providing codes and faqs or reviews, we have actual pages about the games, we go deep into every game, so far as to actually make online multi-player squads for games. You don't see a faq site making multi-player squads for every PC faq they've got! Nor are we focused on just one game. We do not get all hyped over a game and when the fad passes just dump the site and start a new one. No, this is one of the only places where you can come to actually get into the games you like! We also have interactive stuff to do here. You won't find that on a text document! There is also always a reason to return, the site is updated constantly, even something as small as changing the music like I did today is an update. So enjoy and enjoy and enjoy!
10-22-99 • Multi-Player Tactics
Some of you may be wondering, why do I suck so much at multi-player games. Don't feel bad, you are just one of the many gamers that haven't learned the tricks of the trade yet. Here are some easy tips to remember while in multi-player games.
  • Always keep moving!
  • Shoot to kill.
  • Pretend to suck, and then kill.
  • Get a group of friends to join you.
  • If you can't win Cheat!
Keep some of these simple rules in mind while in multi-player games!
10-19-99 • RPG Mania!
Here at VGP we feel strongly about RPG's! That's why we are currently making a RPG section. It will have information on many RPG's. With FF8 coming out and all these new systems on the way, who knows what will come next in the world or RPGs. All I want is for Squaresoft to start making games for Nintendo again. If Square would make games for N64 and the Dolphin, Nintendo would be back on top of the gaming industry again! Maybe I will get a petition going around to send to Square and Nintendo!
Second on the list, There will be another Bond game! Yeah! This will mean another Bond page. The game will be called The World is Not Enough, after the movie coming out. The game is being developed by Eurocom. It will be released next year by MGM and EA. I hope this Eurocom can compare with Rare, but it is a first person shooter, so it can't be all bad.
10-15-99 • What is this site about?
Well you could say this is one of the best gaming sites on the internet, or you could say it is a great place to go for downloads, or even a site that deals with game guides. Well really this site is about all of those things. Instead of searching the web for sites on differnet games and finally getting the right cheat you want after going to about a million diffent sites, you can just come here. My site has a gread downloads page where you can download stuff for cool PC games. It also has a huge archive of codes and cheats for both console and PC games. This site features Starsiege, Diablo, GoldenEye, and Zelda games. You have just arived at your final destination! Bookmark my site now if you know what's good for you!
9/18/99 - Navigating This Page
I have recieved some emails about broken links on this page, well you see these links are broken because the pages are still under construction. You know it is just me alone making these pages and writing these guides. It is a big job and the 8th grade doesn't help it much. Also I have been very busy playing Roller Coaster Tycoon lately. I will put some codes up for it as soon as the Heroes III guide and the Dreamcast pages are up! Anyway if you run into any broken links on this site, just back out and try a different one, I will soon get the page up. This is a huge job and I am in the process of fixing up the page and backing up all the files. Don't let your keyboard fingers get sore and keep on gaming!
9•9•99 - The Dreamcast Arives!
The US launch on the new Sega Dreamcast has been a big hit, I dedicated this day to Sega, and the great games it has put out over the years. I picked up my Dreamcast at Best Buy today and you can expect to see some pages comming in October! Here is a thought for you, my huge Pentium II R450 Dell is way more powerful than the Dreamcast, how come the Dreamcast can output such good quality graphics and speeds. Maybe it is just the games that I play, Quake II has great graphics. But there is no doubt that the Dreamcast has at least double the CPU power of todays highest console, the N64.
8/30/99 - HEROES of Might and Magic III
Heroes 3 is one of the greatest games I have ever played next the Warcraft 1 and 2. I know I havn't updated for a while but Heroes III is so fun. I am now working on a guide for it. The Descent 3 guide will have to wait. If you want a good game about knights and magical wizards and dragons. Heroes III is for you! PC gaming is just getting better and better all the time. Looks like the console gamers will have to get into computers until Perfect Dark this December. Thats all for now, don't let you fingers go to waste play Heroes III!!!
8/17/99 - Descent 3 ... 5 Stars!
Now is as good of time as any to review this awesome game. The game features the ability to move about in a complete 3D world. Your ship is able to move in any direction of a globe. You get to master three new fighters! The weapons are awesome featuring lasers, plasma, and missiles. The enemies are well designed too. The AI lets them call in backup, work in teams, hide, and retreat. Descent 3 gives you the freedom to set your own controls and also features great joystick gameplay. Don't miss one of the best games ever! Video Game Planet is currently working on a Descent 3 guide for all you gamers out there that need help!
8/13/99 - Quake III Arena
Prepare yourself for the coming of Quake III Arena. More anticipated the Tribes II, Quake III Arena will be the next big thing in multi-player gaming. New logic technology allows enemies to actually get better as you play. So don't waste your time hiding in the corner! Spend all day and all night playing. If you are looking to be the greatest you will have to do some practicing. Quake III arena will be the best game ever. Don't miss it!
8/11/99 - Arcade Action
Most of you lazy gamers just sit around and play computer games all day. Quake, Sim City, and Warcraft all day I bet. Okay Okay, maybe not that much but how often do you go to the arcade and blow over $50! Most of the bigger arcades are located in popular areas. Most lazy spenders blow it all on those ticket games and get a piece of junk for $50. I like the arcade for the games with the guns and the gas pedals which I don't usually play at home. Get out and play somebody else besides other web gamers. Don't let the arcade fun die!
8/08/99 - Pop Quiz!
Take the quiz located at the bottom right of this page. It is pretty hard, If you get a perfect score on it, email me and I will give you an award if you can pass it again. Anyway, test your luck on our quiz. BEWARE! Enter at your own risk, you computer WILL stop if you don't know what SEGA really stands for!
8/07/99 - Sol-Feace
If any of you gamers out there have a Sega CD, you may remember Sol-Feace. It was a game where you had to destroy a computer to save the world. I am just writing about it because I remembered how fun it was. It was a side scroller with a ship that had 3 different types of weapons. The levels were very well designed and the enemies were pretty cool. I got as far as to kill the giant laser in level 5. I can't quite beat level 6 yet. Maybe I am a little rusty because I disconnected my SEGA for my N64, now I am finally playing my favorite console again!
8/06/99 - FreeSpace II
If you have ever played Descent: FreeSpace, you would know that it is a really awesome game. FreeSpace 2 continues in the year 2367, 32 years after the first FreeSpace. The game now features new beam weapons and flak cannons, ships now can do even more damage. FreeSpace 2 features 70 different types of ships. New enemy ships that are 10 times bigger than the Lucifer. Multi-player now adds teamplay battle and players can design their own missions with the mission editor! The game will be awesome, don't be the only one to miss out on it!
8/01/99 - Fury 3
Microsoft Fury 3 is a great game. It has cool graphics and fun playability. You pilot a ship and travel to different planets killing the enemy Bions. The game rules, you can use a joy stick to control your ship too. You must save 8 planets from the Bion threat. There are also 7 weapons that you can use including the super smart bomb the FFF! I think in means Fury 3 but I am not sure because the last planet is also called Fury. Anyway Fury 3 is a great game and you should buy it if you ever see it!
7/29/99 - Cheats, hacks, and GameShark!
Here at Video Game Planet, we strive to give you most updated and best cheats on the internet. We have trainers to download, complete lists of GS codes, and many other cheats codes. This is the best place for cheating on the web!
7/28/99 - Music Anyone
Currently at VGP we are adding music to most of the pages so you can listen to some tunes while surfin' the site. We are also planning the completion of the site by the year 2000. The site has come a long way since 1998 when we started it. I am looking at guides and music for over 200 games. Many will be on the Nintendo systems alone. The music is coming and I am currently hard at work adding info as we speak!
7/26/99 - StarSiege, A Whole New Universe of 3D Combat Sim
StarSiege is the third in Dynamix's EarthSiege series. The game features vehicles that you can move around in called HERCS. Tanks are also a part of the game. The graphics are awesome and the viecles fire cool weapons. Everything is sort of evenly ballanced in the game. You can configure you own vehicles with the parts you want to put on them. Your main goal in the single player game is to destroy Prometheus the dark intelect himself, if you are humans. If you are the cybrids you want to kill of all humanity and capture Earth. The game takes place in our solar system. The multi-player is even better than the single player mode. You can custom build you hercs for capture the flag, death match, football, and team play. It is truely an awesome game. You can even buy it here at our online game store.
7/24/99 - The site gets a new design!
I have been working hard lately to bring you this new design! I felt the old page was a little too, well just dull. But if you liked the other layout better, just click here to view this page in the old format. That page will not be updated anymore though. If you don't feel like driving to a Target of Best Buy, you can easily buy games at our online game store now. It is fast and fun and all of the titles have a short review by them so you can tell if you will like it! The game store also helps keep this site up. I need a minimum of at least $60 a year to keep this page running without digging into my own pocket. Well, I hope you like the new design!
7/21/99 - Two words... Perfect Dark
You all remember when everyone was talking about GoldenEye, you went to school and talked about it then went home and tried to get a new cheat or something. Well just as GE is about to fade into gaming history, Rareware comes out with Perfect Dark. PD will arive on December 6th 1999. All we can do is wait, or if you are like me buy a Dreamcast on 9/9/99 to hold you over until PD. Anyway, PD will be the biggest event this year. Just like Z64 was I predict that there will be a huge wave of PD websites. Even now PDCentral and PDHQ already dominate the field for PD. I predict Perfect Dark will be a big hit. For a preview of Perfect Dark, click here.
7/19/99 - The Legacy of Z64
You all remember the big hype about Zelda 64. When you went around Hyrule and cut up some bosses with you brand new Biggoron Sword. Yes, Z64 is still one of the hottest games out there, but for high class gamers it is sort of old news. The game is one of the funnest games of all time. Everyone should get it. Lets go back now, to the day in 1986 when the first Zelda came out. Did you like it? Well Z64 has better graphics, but some of the old Zelda games still are great classics. The Legend of Zelda is you quest to kill the great Ganon, save the Princess Zelda, get the Triforce, and restore peace to Hyrule!
7/18/99 - Why is there no PS on this site?
PlayStation is a great console with excellent graphics and cheaper games than the N64. But you see, when I was in 4th grade and the PS came out, I chose to get a Saturn instead. I had always been loyal to Sega it was my second console after the NES and I loved my Genesis. Why should I go to Sony when Sega has been so good to me. Well I soon found out that the Saturn was not quite up to par with the PlayStation. There were not to many good games and many stores didn't even carry games for the Saturn. PS was much better, but by then I had an N64 and that was all I cared about. Maybe I will get a PS2 when it comes out. That is the only reason, PS rocks, I just don't have one.
7/17/99 - Fore! ... Mario Golf
Mairo Party... Super Smash Bros... Now Mario Golf. Nintendo must be pushing Mairo games this year. The game is very fun and exciting. It will be released on July 26th. Nintendo had Camelot develop Mario Golf. There are many gameplay features and Mario Golf will sure to be a fun game. A Mario Golf Guide will be coming soon.
7/16/99 - The Deal with the Dreamcast
Most of you already have heard about Sega's new system. The DC will be coming to the USA on 9/9/99. Many great games will be features on the release date. The Dreamcast will feature a modem for internet gameplay. The Dreamcast has a 200 Mhz processor, that is double the speed of any console ever created. The Dream Passpord is like a browser for the DC, it can handle new HTML 4.0 and the SSL can let you access secure lines for online stores. The Games are stored on new GD roms. The contoller is very cool, it has a VMU to store memory with. The cord comes out of the bottom of the controller, there is however a place to clip it to the back. Keep in tune for more DC info!
7/15/99 - Everything you need to know about Pokemon
Okay, here is what all this hype is about. In late September of 1998, GameFreak released the game Pokemon for the Game Boy. Word of mouth and the trading factor made the game very popular. Everyone was getting the game, nobody wanted to be left out. The TV show showed Pokemon just like the game, but they streached it out and they always kept reseting it. Kids WB now hosts the Pokemon show. The popularity of the game helped sell GB Color, and made a whole new wave for Pokemon cards and other toys. The game in fact wasn't the best in graphics and gameplay. But most kids, 7 - 11 years old, had never played a real hard core RPG before. They were the main customers and since RPGs are so fun, they liked it. There is even a Jumbo Jet with Pokemon on it now, it travels from Tokyo to San Fransisco and back. Boy, what an impact a little electric rat made on the world! Now new Pokemon is coming to the N64 in Snap and Stadium. Pinball is the next big wave in Game Boy too. Well, that is all I have to tell you about that.