We here at Video Game Planet have been planning a GoldenEye tournament. It will be held on the game's 3rd year anniversary. We plan for a big contest with prizes and parties in rememberence of this great game. If we can get our new program out we might just be able to bring the fun to you over the net. Otherwise the tournament will be limited to northern Minnesota and anybody that will drive to Eveleth to face us, the grand masters of the game. Now many of you say, Ha, I think I can beat you guys anyday. Guess again we are a group of elite GoldenEye players. Maybe you can though, there is only one way to find out and that is to have a tournament. Now nothing is in stone now this is just an idea and we may not even have one. It all depends on if I can rent an arcade for a few days. This might just happen folks and if it does it will be one of the greatest 007 Multi-player matches of all time. Get you N64 fingers in gear and start practicing for GoldenEye 2000! If you want more info, join our mailing list today!
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