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  Welcome Mr. Bond to the best GoldenEye 007 guide on the web. First things first. A top secret helicopter has been stolen from a French Naval Ship. Prime Suspect is Xenia Onatopp one of Janus' Henchmen. You are about to start a game of adventure and strategy. Keep your wits and a gun in your hand and you should come out alive. MI6 is counting on you 007. Remember, you are licenced to kill!
Video Game Planet has put together the best GoldenEye 007 guide on the web. Check out the HOT GameShark codes and the COOL Maps. Remember, if you ever have a question about GoldenEye that is not explained on this page, Email Me and ask. I will get back to you the next time I check my mail. Remember to read the background information on each area. M will tell tell you your mission. Q will explain gadgets and computer stuff. Moneypenny will give you a closing comment before you begin your mission. Good luck James...