The History of Video Game Planet

... Like all, it started with GoldenEye.

1995 - I saw GoldenEye on the big screen.
1997 - I got the game.
1998 - I played GoldenEye with my friends and we would get very far while playing. Then Easter of that year, I got my first GameShark V1.9. I started to use codes, and make my own codes. I searched the web for cool codes. I made many of my own codes and thought about getting my own website. In June of 1998, I saw a popup window on a GE 007 page for a free page at ANGELFIRE. I registered for a free home page and started making it. You can still find it today at http://www.angelfire/mn/davidmarcaccini/index.html. It was called GameShark007. It gives a list of many of the old GS codes for GoldenEye, so that is about it for that. I quit updating it because it took to long to load, and there are so many new games that keeping up with the current GS codes is just too much.

In late September of 1998, I started a new page called Planetcode. I worked hard on this page, but I feel I was too demanding on it, ordering users to do stuff on the page. The page lasted long, but in the end, it was a big failure getting only 2000 hits.

1999 - Then when Zelda 64 came out, I started my newest Z64 Page called PlanetZelda. It is very popular to fans of Zelda 64. Then in April, I got my first Domain name at Ever since I have been updating it daily to make a better page.